Know about Fourcup Schools

We are Building the world’s smallest sourse of global Education Intelligence to power decisions that matter.

We believe Public – Private Innovation will power the future of Humanity. We equipe the power of predictive analytics to guide student engagement, advising workflows, course evaluation, and Institutional management. Inspire a generation of learners. Support & empower teachers.

Fourcups’ mission is to unlock opportunity for world’s workforce through education, with a double – bottom live business model by doing good.
We balance autonomy with accountability & empower employees to deliver on our mission. In a world where the only constant is change.
We thrive on remainin agile & delivering the right solutions in the moment.

Everyone learns in different ways. For the first time in history, we could analyze how millions of people learn at once to create the most effective educational system possible and tailor it to each student.
It’s hard to stay motivated when learning online, so we made FourCup Schools so personalized that people would prefer picking up new skills over playing a game.

Our million more mission to pose a challenge together with our customers, we are well on our way to acheving it. Equipping teams with the right tools to do the right work is crucial to success. We make the most og higher to help a million more professional graduate per year 2025.

We make learning Fun, Engaging, & Impactful for students studying at home & in school. We Create Fun learning games in minutes, or choose from millions of existing games to introduce a topic, review & reinforce knowledge and run formative assessment.


Our Vission

Fourcup Schools of Learning reinforce the typical education system in India and enforce the opportunity of learning & enhance the ideas on soft skills, Professional Skills, Society & economic relates skills of all class peoples from rural area to metropolitan cities in India.

We always stand behind  Dr. A.P.J Adbul Kalam on his educational ideas to transforce the typical Educational system in India. We name this program as  Vission BlackBoard  makes India developed in Education Service on or before 2030

Our Mission

Tracking the Insights of Educational system in India and providing low cost education in all departments to all class peoples.
Fourcup Schools of Profession helps students to learn all emerging technologies in Information Technology to enhance student’s career opportunity in all ways of surroundings. 
Fourcup School of Academia helps Schools & College students from rural areas, to enhance their Knowledge & Skills in all Departments.
Fourcup Schools of  Sciemce & Society helps all class & all age citizens help increase their Science & Social related skills.