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Software testing course in Fourcup Schools is more of job oriented which is designed as per current industry standards. You begin your career with basic and advance skills. Course will be trained by top industry experts who have passion to train students with 9+ years of Experience and help them get job in Industry or excel in IT industry.
Selenium Certification Training in Fourcup schools will help you to become an expert in Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid and TestNG with Under development Live Projects. This Selenium Training enables you to automate web applications using robust test automation Framework with Hands-on experience.

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Offered Courses in Software Testing

Course Benefits

Why to engage with Fourcup Schools !!!

Industrial standard Syllabus

Fourcup Schools always serves updated Industrial standard syllabus. We have dedicated research team to take up professional syllabus that you about to work in forthcoming projects.

Post Course Success

On post Course, We provide Interview Preparations & advises from top skilled mentors in Industry and Help students to get prepared with best quality Resaume, that helps to get most calls from top MNcs.

Customized Sessions

We always serve with One to One Live Online Sessions. But OnDemand, if students join in group, we provide support group classes Online.

Flexible on requirements

We serve all our courses as per student requirements. Though we have Good enough packages & combos to serve with better quality, We collapse our syllabus & Fee structure as per student flexibility.

Real time Open Reality Project

As Fourcup Schools have engaged with Fourcup Technologies and its Development and QA team, We serve Under development project to student on emerging domains, with 2 demo projects, in Open reality training.

Expertised Trainers

Fourcup Schools never compromise with our Quality. So, we hire to expertised Working Professionals and Freelancers with minimum 8+ years of Experience in relevant Industry.

Our Trainers are,

Our Trainers provide complete knowledge base support to the students, to explore the subject and learn based on real-time examples. Our trainers help the candidates in completing their projects and even prepare them for interviews. Candidates are free to ask any questions at any time.

  • More than 8+ Years of Experience.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge.
  • Certified Professionals with High Grade.
  • Expert level Subject Knowledge and fully up-to-date on real-world industry applications.
  • Trainers have Experienced on multiple real-time projects in their Industries.
  • Our Trainers are working in multinational companies such as CTS, TCS, Freshworks, ZOHO, L&T, Verizon, HP, and etc.
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I joined Fourcup Schools because the instructors are great. I learnt many Intellectual ideas on Software Testing. They gave Real time knowledge transfer sessions, helps me to crack intrviews easily. I cracked my SDET interviews at Freshworks with 15 L. CTC . Thank you Forucup Schools of QA t. made it possible to me.
@Selenium & Java
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I had 16 months of gap in Industry, so planned to Join with FC Schools, as I could get more real time application knowledge. My Trainer helped me to learn more technically & tricky stuffs, Finnaly got placed in Accenture with High good Package. Thank you Fourcup Schools.
@Selenium with Cucumber
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While Joining Fourcup schools, I'm with 27 months of experince as QA Engineer. But I need to swirtch as a Developer in Pythin & Choose Mr. xxx as my Trainer. He is Really fantastic person,shared all his technical stuffs with open reality apllication oriented data.that helped me to crack on 3rd interview with 130% hike that i ever expected. Thank You FC Schools.
@API Testing
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Hey, I'm really happy with service of Fourcup Schools. Basically I'm from South Africa, was searching better mentor to guide my with good profession course, & found Mr. xxx. Suprised with as he gave we SAP real time Server to take up my Courses & to practice the Sessions. That was more helpful to crack my Interview in Deloitte.

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Diverse Approach

Professional Team

Expert Advice

Result Based

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Frequently asked questions

We have solutions for all your clarifications & questions.

About Syllabus & Training Program

  • Fourcup Schools never calculate hourly basis or Day basis timings for courses, because each student have their own different requirements as per their experience.

  • So, Fourcup Schools is always flexible with your Requirements and Expectation.

  • Anyhow, Your Estimated time would be 2 to 4 months as per your choosen Course & Plan.
  • Fourcup Schools, always hire Working Professionals with least 8+ years of Experience in relevant field.

  • Your Trainer will be expertised in delivering the stuffs to you with practical & real world examples.

  • 95 % of our trainers are working for MNCs with 8+ years of Exp., and work PartTime trainers for Fourcup Schools.

  • 5 % of your Trainers are Completly Freelancers having 10+ years of Experience.

  • So, As per student Requirements, We engage them with a trainer who can analyse, handle  and delivery the best for him/her.


  • Fourcup Schools’s Course Syllabus was always updated  as per Industry stantard.

  • As We have Working professionals as partners & trainers, Fourcup Schools always give you a Corporate rated syllabus that will help you to grow your Career path.

  • At end of Syllabus, you will get at least 2 year (+ your’s) experience Professional’s Knowledge. 


  • Basically, Fourcup Schools do not provide any Documents for Course. Because, most part of your sessions will be Practical & real-time examplaes with Uder Developing Projects.
  •  Since, your sessions will be a live and interactive, you may not be needed the documents.
  • But,  We provide All documents OnDemand.
  • On each level of Course, we have assessments that helps & analyse our trainers to find a student’s technical health & Interest wealth.
  • End of Each segments of Course, we have mock Interview that helps students to for Self analysation and earn Confidence over real time Interviews.
  • We have  Interview Preparation Kit that has a set of collective Interview patterns & Documents of. Technical rounds, Hiring rounds & recruitment teams  from all type of Companies.

If you have Other Questions , Please do fill and Submit the Form Here !!!. One of our mentor will contact you asap on post submission !!!

About Quality & Tution Fee

That’s Our pleasure to answer,

  • Vission of Fourcup Schools was to be different from Others by,
    • Serving the Education with Intellectual stuffs in Real world examples and with more fun and Interactions.
    •  Go Online, that helps all class students to learn with Cheap and Best Corporate Culture. 
  • We serve all our Own Developing Software Products and Servers to our students, that will helpful to Go more corporative environment and informative techniques.
  • Mentors, trainers & Coachers we engage was 95 % of Working Professionals in IT Industry with least 8 + years of Experience & 5 % of multi talented Freelancers with least 10+ years of Experience.
  • Stimulated  & Corporate Framed Syllabus cover all updated stuffs of relevant technology.
  • We provide multi tech facilites on Post Course.

Ofcourse Yes,

  • Course you engage with Fourcup Schools, will be trained & mentored by a expertised working Professional with 8+ years of Experience.

  • Also, We provide you a Real-Time Project(s) that was developed & under Developing by FOURCUP INC.

  • Project to be given to students was Fourcup Inc‘s Own  developing product that was deployed in seperate Server & DB instance, that will work good for Our Students.

  • So, You will get a Confidence to crack an Interview and to survive most perfect in Work environment
  • Course fee that we charge was reasonable only for the effort given by the trainer to the student.

  • Apart from this, Fee we charge depends on the Course & Plan you choose with Fourcup Schools.

  • As Fourcup Schools was Incorporated, we charge you Tution Fee & GST charges. (inside India) and GST + VAT (Outside India)


  •  We give seasonal discounts for our students.

  • Course fee that we charge was reasonable only for the effort given by the trainer to the student, So we will discuss with the respective trainer and will have a negotitation as per the course & plan you choose. 

  • We have combo offers as you join with 2 or more students, also we offer more discounts as you’re comfortable with group sessions.

Terms & Conditions applied*


Doors of Fourcup Schools are always open for you !!!

  • Yeah, Once you engaged & successfully compeleted the Course with Fourcup Schools, We assist & help you LifeTime to develop and enhance you Career path.
  • You can build a better Relationship with Fourcup Schools & Our trainers, So that We’re always available to help youm whenever you’re contacting us.
  • We help you to Build a Best Corporate stuctured
    RESUME /CV as. per your requirement.
  • We help you to crack Interviews with Mock Interview Sessions & with Interview Preparation Kit as per your Course & plan.
  • We provide Job Assistance ONDemand with applied Terms &. Conditions.

If you have Other Questions , Please do fill and Submit the Form Here !!!. One of our mentor will contact you asap on post submission !!!

Manual Testing with SQL

Fourcup Offered Courses

Course Syllabus Outline !!

Manual Testing with SQL

  • Real – Time Under Development Project for 3 Months.
  • Expertise Trainers with 10+ Years of Working experience.
  • Corporate Structured syllabus, that helps you to survive in Industry with easy way of Career Growth.
  • Mock Interviews & Assessments.
  •  Interview Preparation Kit & Resume Preparation On Post Course.


Introduction to testing
Principles of Testing
More about IT Departments and QA process
Types of Applications
Probabilities of getting an error in an application

SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle
Phases of SDLC
Verification vs Validation
Agile methodology and Scrum Framework
Advantages and Disadvantages of each software development life cycle

STLC –Software Testing Life Cycle
Phases of STLC
Difference between Test case, Use case and Scenario.
Difference between Error, bug, defect, and failure
   Test Case Design Techniques
   Boundary Value Analysis
   Equivalence Partitioning
   Decision Table
   State Transition Diagram
   Use Case Testing
Types of  Testing
Difference between Static and Dynamic testing
Difference between Functional and Non-functional testing
Black box testing and its types
White box testing and its types
System Integration Testing vs User Acceptance Testing
Entry Criteria and Exit Criteria
Test Environment and Test data preparation
Integration testing
   Big Bang Integration
   Incremental Approach – Top-Down, Bottom-up, and Hybrid
Requirement traceability matrix
How to prepare test plan and strategy documnets
How to Prepare a test scenarion and test case document
How to prepare a Test Data

Bug Life cycle
Phases of Bug Life Cycle
Severity & Priority of Bugs
Defect Acceptance & Rejection
Test Efficiency
Effort Variance
How to Prepare the Bug template
Bug Tracking tool – JIRA / Others
How to prepare Defect Report
How to prepare Test Summary Report

Version Control Management (Overview)
Version & Build Releases
Build Acceptance & Rejections
Build Efficiency
Build Deployments

SQL (Structured Query Language) Syllabus
1. Introduction to SQL
(What is SQL?, Purpose of SQL, Who should learn SQL?, What are the subsets of SQL?, Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation Language, Data Control Language, and SQL vs. NoSQL)

2. Introduction to Databases and RDMBS
(What is a Database?, Database Objects, Database Tables, Table Records, Types of Database Management Systems, Relational Database Management Systems, and SQL/Relational Databases vs. No SQL Databases)

3. Install a Database Engine
(Download MS SQL Server or Oracle or MySQL Database Engine, and Install. Launch SQL Server Management Studio, Select New Query, and launch SQL Query. Type SQL Commands and Execute.)

4. SQL Syntax
(Focus on SQL Syntax, SQL keywords, SQL is not case sensitive, SQL Comments, SQL Commands, and writing SQL Statements.)

5. SQL Data Types
(SQL Numeric data types, Date and Time data types, Character and String data types, Unicode character string data types, Binary data types, and Miscellaneous data types.)

6. SQL Operators
(SQL Arithmetic Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical Operators, and Bitwise Operators)

7. SQL Expressions
(SQL Boolean Expression, SQL Numeric Expression, and SQL Date Expression)

8. SQL Comments
(SQL Comments, Comments are used to explain sections of SQL statements, or to prevent the execution of SQL statements. Single-Line Comments, and Multi-line Comments)

9. SQL – Data Definition Language Commands and Operations.
(SQL Data Definition Language Commands, Create, Alter, Drop, Truncate, and Rename.

Data Definition Language Operations, Create a Database, Use Database, Rename a Database, Drop Database, Create a Table, Rename Table, Add a Column to exiting Table, Add multiple columns to existing Table, Modify an existing column, Rename a Column, Drop a Column, Truncate a Table, and Drop a Table.)

10. SQL – Data Manipulation Language Commands and Operations
(Data Manipulation Language Commands, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.

Data Manipulation Language Operations, Retrieving data from a table, Inserting data into a table, Updating existing data into a table, and Deleting all records from a table.)

13. SQL – Data Control Language Commands
DCL includes commands such as GRANT and REVOKE which mainly deal with the rights, permissions, and other controls of the database system.

14. DCL Operations
(Providing the users the access or privileges to the database objects, and Taking back or canceling the privileges or permissions previously allowed or denied to the users.)

15. SQL Functions
SQL has many built-in functions for performing calculations on data. SQL Aggregate Functions, SQL String Functions, SQL Date Functions, and SQL Scalar functions.

16. SQL Queries and Sub Queries
A Query is used to traverse over some data that may be of small or large quantity to find the needed information.

A Subquery is a type of query which is written inside another query. A subquery becomes a part of a larger query. A subquery is also called INNER QUERY OR NESTED QUERY.

17. SQL Clauses
Clauses in SQL are similar to conditionals in high-level languages. We have a large variety in the SQL clauses like the Where clause, Union Clase, Order By clause, etc.

18. SQL Joins
The SQL Joins clause is used to combine records from two or more tables in a database. A JOIN is a means for combining fields from two tables by using values common to each.

19. SQL Views
Views in SQL are kind of virtual tables. A view also has rows and columns as they are in a real table in the database. We can create a view by selecting fields from one or more tables present in the database.

20. SQL Indexes
An index is a schema object. It is used by the server to speed up the retrieval of rows by using a pointer. It can reduce disk I/O(input/output) by using a rapid path access method to locate data quickly.

21. SQL Transactions
Transactions are units or sequences of work accomplished in a logical order, whether in a manual fashion by a user or automatically by some sort of database program.

22. SQL Injection
SQL injection, also known as SQLI, is a common attack vector that uses malicious SQL code for backend database manipulation to access information that was not intended to be displayed. This information may include any number of items, including sensitive company data, user lists, or private customer details.


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Selenium Automation Testing in Java

Fourcup Offered Courses

Course Syllabus Overview !!

Selenium Automation testing Course Outline

  • Real – Time Under Development Project for 3 Months.
  • Expertised Trainers with 10+ Years of Working experience.
  • Corporate Structured syllabus, that helps you to survive in Industry with easy way of Career Growth.
  • Mock Interviews & Assessments.
  •  Interview Preparation Kit & Resume Preparation On Post Course.

Training Requirements/Logistics
Internet connection and administrator privileges
Selenium libraries, Eclipse, JDK(Java)
Firefox , Chrome , Edge

Core Java Programming
Introduction to core java
Basic java programming and features
Class & Package
String functions
Arithmetic Operations
Decision based statements (if, Switch case)
Loops (For, while & Do-While)
Arrays and Methods
Object Oriented Programming concepts
Exception Handling

Introduction to Automation
Pros & Cons of Manual and Automation Testing
How to learn any automation tool
Types of Automation tools
Art of Finding Defects/Bugs using Automation Scripts

Introduction to Selenium
What is Selenium
Why Selenium
Features of selenium
Difference between Selenium and Other Tools.

Selenium IDE
Selenium IDE Introduction
Downloading and Installing Selenium IDE
Recording and Running a Sample Test
Why companies are not using recording
Limitations of Selenium IDE

Selenium Webdriver
Why WebDriver?
Downloading WebDriver Jar files and configuring in eclipse
Architecture of selenium webdriver
Selenium Browser Commands
Selenium Navigation Commands
Verifying Page Elements – Assertions and Verifications
Wait Commands (Implicit, Explicit)
First Selenium Code
Working with Firefox, chrome and IE
Close and Quit -Difference
Various locator strategies
WebDriver Interface
WebElement Interface
Finding WebElements using id, name, class
Finding Xpaths
Objects with same id/xpath/cssSelector
What is class attribute?
Handling HTML Elements such as:
    Input textfields
    Submit button
    Radio button
Finding whether object is present on page or not
Handling drop down list
Select Class in Selenium API
Taking Screenshots of the webpages programmatically
Actions class
Moving a mouse (Hover) on an Object and right clicking
Navigating front and back button click on Browser
Javascript Executor

Cross Browser testing
Firefox browser
Google chrome browser
Internet explorer

What is TestNg
Installing TestNg in Eclipse
TestNg annotations
Advantages over Junit
Understanding usage of annotations
Running a Test in TestNg
Batch Running of tests in TestNg
Parameterizing Tests – DataProvider
Assertions/Reporting Errors
TestNg Reports
Using TestNg in Selenium
Grouping test cases

What is Maven and Why Maven?
Installing/Configuring Maven
Eclipse plugin for maven
Creating maven project
Maven Repositories
Building POM.xml to configure Selenium and TestNG
Importing the maven project into eclipse
Building a selenium project and running it through Maven

What is Continuous Integration (CI) & Uses of CI Tools
Introduction of Jenkins
Why use Jenkins for Test Automation?
Adding a plugin to Jenkins / Installation of Jenkins
When to use Jenkins for Test Automation?
Creating and Executing Jobs & Projects in Jenkins
Limitations of using Jenkins for Test Automation

Object Repository
What is object repository
Sample scripts using object repository

Page Object Model Framework
Data Driven / KeyWord Driven Framework
Hybrid driven Framework

Report Creation
Using Extent Reports
Automation Clousure Report

Version Controlling
Github / Gitlab
Create a new repository on GitHub/GitLab
Clone your repository, add code, commit, and push
Enable automated testing
Verify that tests have been automatically run
Open an issue on GitHub/GitLab
Open a pull request (GitHub)/ merge request (GitLab)
Accept the pull/merge request

All the Best !

  1. Cucumber BDD Framework with Gherkin
  2. SQL – DataBase Automation.
  3. Source code Deployment in Tomcat.

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API Testing in Postman

Fourcup Offered Courses

Course Syllabus Outline !!

API Testing in potman

  • Real – Time Under Development Project for 3 Months.

  • Expertised Trainers with 8+ Years of Working experience.

  • Corporate Structured syllabus, that helps you to survive in Industry with easy way of Career Growth.

  • Mock Interviews & Assessments.

  •  Interview Preparation Kit & Resume Preparation On Post Course.

Course syllabus:

Introduction to web service

  • Client-server architecture
  • What is Base URI
  • What is the rest
  • What is soap
  • Soap vs rest
  • CRUD operations and HTTP methods

Introduction to postman and Installation

  • Collections in postman
  • Different types of requests
  • Creating environments
  • Creating variables

Core Java


Introduction to RestAssured API

  • Download and Configure java and eclipse IDE
  • Installing maven
  • Static imports of rest assured
  • Create a maven project and add dependencies
  • Creating first script for GET request with basic auth
  • Validating JSON Response
  • Validating Response Headers and Status codes
  • GET Request with headers
  • POST Request with JSON String
  • POST Request with External JSON File
  • Using Hashmap in request
  • Using POJO classes
  • Parsing JSON response and extracting values
  • Serialization an deserialization
  • Parsing complex JSON

Cucumber BDD Introduction

  • Adding pugs in eclipse
  • Creating a feature file
  • Creating a step definition file
  • Test Runner
  • Parameterization
  • Multiple scenarios
  • Using data tables
  • Adding multiple feature files and generating step definitions
  • Features
  • Glue
  • Monochrome
  • Tags
  • HooksRunner class using TestNG
  • Cucumber Reports

Framework Development

  • Read data from properties file
  • TestNG data provider
  • Reading data from excel
  • Parameterization using hash table
  • Extent Reports

Online Live Sessions

Restful API Automation Testing

Fourcup Offered Courses

Course Syllabus Outline !!

Restful API Automation

  • Real – Time Under Development Project for 3 Months.

  • Expertised Trainers with 8+ Years of Working experience.

  • Corporate Structured syllabus, that helps you to survive in Industry with easy way of Career Growth.

  • Mock Interviews & Assessments.

  •  Interview Preparation Kit & Resume Preparation On Post Course.

Client Server Basics

  • Client Server Architecture and HTTP Protocol
  • HTTP Request
  • HTTP Response

RESTful Basics

  • What is REST?
  • Rest Architectural Elements

REST API Testing – Basics

  • Configure Eclipse with Rest-Assured
  • REST API Test
  • Validate Response Status
  • Validate Response Header
  • Read JSON Response Body
  • Query Parameters in Rest Assured

REST API Testing – Advance

  • POST Request
  • Serialization and Deserialization in Java
  • Deserialize Json Response
  • Authentication and Authorization in REST WebServices
  • PUT Request using Rest Assured
  • DELETE Request using Rest Assured

JSON Manipulations

  • What is JSON?
  • JSONPath and Query JSON using JSONPath
  • Expressions in JSONPath
  • Deserialize JSON Array to List
  • Deserialize JSON Response to an Array

REST API Framework

  • What is API Documentation?
  • REST API End to End Test
  • REST API Test in Cucumber
  • Convert JSON Request Body to POJO
  • Convert JSON Response Body to POJO
  • Separation of Test Layer with API Services
  • Implementation of REST Routes
  • Implementation of Generics in API Framework
  • Refactoring for Request Headers
  • Sharing Test Context
  • Sharing Scenario Context
  • Implement Configuration Reader

We don’t have AddOns fot thos course !!!

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